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Last Updated Date:  Nov 17, 2022

Whitehaven/Sellafield, CMA, GB

Company:  Babcock UK

Job Information

This role is tasked with delivery of a specific piece of work, where the role-holders primary job is not dedicated project management (i.e. they are primarily working in a Site or Asset Management role). They are tasked with the delivery of a discreet piece of work to pre-defined margin, safety, quality, schedule and cost standard, where the work is primarily technical in nature and is contained within one (or a small number) of disciplines with limited requirement for procurement or construction input. The role holder will prepare and maintain a schedule of delivery activities and events, taking account of dependencies and resource requirements. Work is carried out within clear guidelines and is executed under close supervision and is subject to regular review. The role holder may be responsible for the operation of project management systems. Interaction with others is based on the requirement to provide and act upon simple requests for information, although they should begin to build an understanding of how to manage stakeholders, taking account of their levels of influence and particular interests.

Role & Responsibility

  1. Execution: Build an understanding of Doosan Babcock company-wide project management frameworks and guidelines in order to in order to deliver work in line with Business Operating Procedures (BOPs) and Work Instructions (WIs). Ensure project execution is in line with the company’s risk management framework to mitigate and manage all project risks and issues in line with BOPs.


  1. Governance: Maintain systems, processes and documentation to ensure that accurate and reportable information is available with respect to each discreet piece of work.


  1. Innovation: Identify inefficiencies in own work process area and provide recommendations for corrective action where appropriate. Be aware of the need for innovation in order to contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.


  1. Communication: Coordinate with other relevant departments and workstreams to ensure the smooth business operation of processes in accordance with established procedures and guidelines.


  1. People Development: Take accountability for their own personal development record as part of Doosan’s talent management ethos.


Job Requirement

  1. Relevant academic (e.g. BSc/BEng) preferably in a related subject or equivalent, significant and related professional experience.
  2. Basic experience of Project Management and corporate social responsibility (promoting the wider public good in all actions, acting in a morally, legally and socially appropriate manner in dealings with stakeholders and members of project teams and the organisation)
  3. Experience of owning / managing the delivery of a discreet and defined piece of work in a project management environment.
  4. Good written and oral language skills in order to articulate technical issues associated to work area.
  5. Familiarity with relevant departmental and company-wide procedures, policies and guidelines.
  6. Knowledge and understanding of problem solving and risk management techniques.


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