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Plant Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Last Updated Date:  Nov 18, 2023


Company:  Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Job Information

Supervises manufacturing, production, and logistic process, to ensure the compliance with the standards delivered by ME EMEA function ensuring the respect of health and safety policies.
Participate on Plant vision development, and work with his, production and LPO teams to improve the efficiency of the technological processes in the frame of the standards released by ME EMEA Function; apply all changes required to reach target level of Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost.
Supervise team of Plant Manufacturing Engineering, ensures their development and adequate level both interpersonal and technical skills. Acting as a focal point for Plant Manufacturing Engineering for functions outside of the Plant. 
Represents production plant in new projects development (NPD) or other innovation activities. Ensures that plant is involved and valuable member of the project team.
Brings breakthrough improvement of Plant Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost via initiated and implemented projects. Drive process improvement, automation, and digitalization initiatives (as per ME EMEA direction) on the plant with respects on production need and productivity targets
Makes sure that Lean principles are considered and applied through the production processes at early stage and manages the continuous improvement of the production processes to improve the efficiency of the plant toward excellence.
Collaborate and interact with ME EMEA teams for processes’ continuous improvement, supplying valuable inputs as per production needs. 

Role & Responsibility

Manufacturing Engineering
Provides direction and priorities of improvements of the processes using Lean approach and Industry 4.0 possibilities. Directs the development, planning and execution of manufacturing methods and technologies.
Maintains the safety, quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes, ensures that company policies are followed. In collaboration with ME EMEA elaborates a vision to keep the technologies and processes up to date, using best practices and benchmark solutions in line with Lean principles.
Plan costs budget for his department and CAPEX budget for the plant, controls expenses and set priorities.
Initiates projects which bring breakthrough improvements of Plant KPIs in Safety, quality, delivery, and cost.
Develops his team to ensure adequate level of interpersonal and technical skills in his area.
Challenges the existing processes to remove waste. Manages the DPBS technology / Lean oriented modules linked to his responsibilities.
Controls and continuously improve the layout of the plant in relation to the material flow, manages changes and keeps layout up to date.
Manage all process changes (including ECN) and supervise their proper deployment to production.

•    LRP execution;
•    Internal Customer satisfaction;
•    PPD (parts per person per day);
•    Benchmark;
•    DBPS score;
•    AOP/QBR budget, CAPEX;
•    Operational overhead cost;
•    Plant capacity.

Staff management
Managing the plant vision in technology field and ensures that objectives of the vision are met by implementation of breakthrough improvements.
Leads the development and the implementation of the Lean and ME organizational LRP
Secure the overall capability of the organization (Training plan)
Supervise, train and mentor direct subordinate, ensuring proper direction, tools, and training to be successful.
• LRP vision
• Training completion
• Performance

In collaboration with ME EMEA works on continuously improving the process in terms of quality results: product conformity, process capability, scrap reduction, rework reduction.
Supports the quality in problem solving linked to process definition, supports for PQT improvements, production BU QRQC, Customer satisfaction escalations.
Support P-FMEA and control plans elaboration. Knows and can apply capability studies to understand the current process level and deploys action plans to deliver stable capable processes. Deploys statistical process control tools and reacting on process issue based on statistical analysis and data.

• Product quality

In collaboration with EMEA NPD team, represents the plant operative interests and manages the integration of new projects into the plant flow and layout. Plans at early stage the onboarding on new projects to identify on time process needs, risks and challenges for solutions.
Prepares a smooth handover.

• Smooth launch
• Process capability, scrap, rework rate

Other Key Responsibilities
Support systemic improvement, development/advancement of procedures and achievement of company goals and objectives. Defines Way of working in Manufacturing engineering area. Defines templates for standardized work, layouts, visual management, tooling etc.
Assist in drafting procedures.

• Procedures.

Job Requirement

Job Requirement
•    Strong communication and decision making skills;
•    Technological knowledge;
•    Worldwide technical specifications, international standards and state-of-the-art processes;
•    QRQC/other such formal problem-solving techniques;
•    Basic quality technical background including SPC, DOE, Mistake Proofing, FMEA, capability study;
•    Quality System, Constraint Management, Problem Solving, Crisis Management, Program;
•    Management, Operation Management;
•    Technical thinking;
•    Design Engineering fundamentals;
•    Manufacturing Engineering knowledge;
•    Experienced in reading of technical drawing;
•    Advanced knowledge of Lean principles and tools;
•    Awareness about modern technologies and potentials in frame of industry 4.0.
Technical Skills / Knowledge
•    Fluent in spoken English;
•    Good judgement and leadership skills;
•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
•    Strong presentation and interpersonal skills;
•    Analytical thinker;
•    Negotiation skills;
•    Team player experience;
•    Strong personality with high influence on others; 
•    Proven ability to connect people from different teams, cultures and priorities to work together towards same goal;
•    10+ years in manufacturing environment (Production Plant) in Plant leadership team role;
•    At least 5+ years in manufacturing engineering field.

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