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Design Lead Engineering

Last Updated Date:  Sep 23, 2023


Company:  Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Job Description

  • The Project Lead Engineer is responsible for overseeing the design and development activities of a complete product, technical specialty/product function, or process. Their primary objective is to achieve the short and long-term strategies by meeting or exceeding quality, functionality, voice of customer, and competitive edge requirements. Although the role does not involve direct reports, the Project Lead Engineer holds overall responsibility for project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Role & Responsibility

•    Plan and allocate Engineering Project Resources and Costs.
•    Develop and implement project risk mitigation plans.
•    Facilitate the development of product specifications, program plans, manufacturing strategy, sourcing strategy, and major reviews.
•    Ensure the timely completion of development projects within budget.
•    Integrate technologies into product and development processes.
•    Communicate project status and plans to key engineering stakeholders and external stakeholders.
•    Manage the project activities of assigned Design Engineers and engineering service teams.
•    Efficiently organize major tasks and goals for direct reports and supporting personnel.
•    Monitor projects actively and make necessary personnel and resource adjustments to meet project goals.
•    Foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and timely development of world-class products.
•    Identify and remove obstacles hindering project execution.
•    Foster collaboration across engineering and other departments.
•    Coach employees through project challenges and treat team failures as learning opportunities.

Additional Responsibilities:

•    Support the ideation process for new ideas and existing products.
•    Apply innovative approaches to problem-solving and engage the team in devising new techniques or processes.
•    Promote a culture of creativity, diversity of thought, and excellence.
•    Drive product development initiatives, adhering to annual operating plans and long-range plans.
•    Collaborate with other functional areas and participate in product management and operational meetings.
•    Drive continuous improvement in the product development process and engineering systems.
•    Ensure effective resolution of field problems and warranty issues.
•    Improve product quality, reliability, and system cost through warranty and quality cost improvement programs.
•    Understand the business implications of decisions and align engineering teams with organizational goals.
•    Design for manufacturability and impact the final cost of the product.
•    Maintain a global perspective for new product development.

Job Requirement

  • •    Experience in leading and developing engineering teams in product development.
    •    Clear understanding of product development and validation processes and customer needs.
    •    Ability to build strong relationships with various functions within the organization.
    •    Capability to mentor and develop engineers at different career levels.
    •    Creative and visionary approach to projects, influencing innovation across organizations.
    •    Strong leadership skills in managing change, dealing with ambiguity, and providing creative solutions.
    •    Proficiency in project management methodologies and tools.
    •    Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Agricultural, etc.). A Master's degree in Business Administration or a related field is also acceptable.
    •    7>10 years of experience
    •    < 10% travel

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