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Boiler_Production Engineer

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Last Updated Date: Aug 17, 2019

Location: 29, VN, 570000

Company: Doosan Corp

Job Information
  • Company name: Doosan VINA
  • Job family        
  • Main job: Manufacturing
  • Sub job: Production
  • Mission
  • Involve in analyzing production specifications and performs calculation to determine manufacturing processes
  • Issue working order and control manufacturing
  • Use production document to manufacture the organization’s products according to established production specifications and schedules
  • Prevent and resolve technical problems from the production line/ process to minimize reject levels.
Role & Responsibility

- Pre-Production

  • Combine with ME, PC department to prepare manufacturing document and material for manufacturing
  • Plan and estimate the needed manpower, tools, equipment to manufacture products
  • Make manufacturing schedule

- Manufacturing performance

  • Make plan, direct, and monitor all production activities
  • Maintain accurate daily production records
  • Prevent and solving issued in manufacturing process

- Post-production

  • Control handing of product to next steps
  • Combine with PC, Painting & Shipping Dept. to ensure for painting, packing of product
  • Monitor production activities, record and analyze production data to make manufacturing standard (Document, schedule) for next project
  • Summary products’ document & transfer to QC, PC, ME Dept. after manufacturing
Job Requirement
Education & Qualification Mechanical Engineering
Knowledge & skills

- Understanding about drawing, product and welding

- Knowledge of ASME, Material, Quality control

- Computer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

- Foreign language: English
Experience Description 0 – 2 years, Experience in Production control/ME/Production in Engineering company